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The Hand Protection Blog

10 Reasons Why SHOWA 306 is the Perfect Grip Glove for Openreach

Openreach using SHOWA 306 all weather gloveLawrence Maddison works for Openreach, a BT Group business that looks after the fibres, wires and cables that form digital networks across the UK. This includes the widespread installation of new superfast fibre broadband across the country.  It is essential that Lawrence and his colleagues have good quality hand protection that they can rely upon as the work requires good grip on overhead poles and cables.

He is often working outdoors in changeable weather and is presented with many challenging handling scenarios.

Lawrence contacted us to say just how much he values the SHOWA 306 fully coated latex glove and here are the TOP 10 REASONS why he thinks it’s the perfect grip glove for him as well as all outdoor workers.

  1. Confidence and Reliable Grip in Dangerous Conditions

“I have to climb a lot of outdoor poles, which is a dangerous task in itself; therefore, good, reliable grip is essential.  The SHOWA 306 makes me feel safe and confident in going about this thanks to the fantastic rough latex grip on the palm.”

  1. Good Grip when Greasy and DirtySHOWA 306 is the Perfect Grip Glove for Openreach

“My job also involves working in the street cabinets (which can sometimes be quite dirty!)  Many of the fibre pairs that I have to handle are coated in grease which makes it difficult to work intricately.  Using the SHOWA 306 gloves makes a massive difference as they not only protect my hands from dirt, but they also provide the dexterity and grip needed in these conditions.”

  1. As Hard Working as I Am!

“I wear the gloves from when I first get into the van in a morning to when I return home.  Throughout a day, my hands are busy working, driving and continuously going from inside to outside in varying weather, so my gloves really do have to work hard and put a full shift in as well!

Each pair of SHOWA 306’s that I use last up to eight weeks, and that’s wearing them five days a week!”

  1. 2 Gloves in 1SHOWA 306 is the Perfect Grip Glove for Openreach

“The previous gloves that I used to wear weren’t water repellent and they became quite horrible to wear in the wet weather.  This isn’t ideal for someone who has to work outside regardless whether it’s raining or not!

The SHOWA 306 gloves are water repellent so my hands are kept dry and warm in the wet weather.  However, the gloves are ideal to wear in all weathers. Thanks to the breathable liner and aerated latex foam, they help reduce the build-up of sweat when it’s warmer too.”

  1. Hand Protection

“As well as the benefits of grip, durability and longevity, I also need general protection so that my hands are kept in their natural, physical state. My hands are clean when I come home, and I'm not covered in scratches or cuts; I can get on with my daily jobs without the discomfort of damaged hands.”

  1. I Can Perform My Job BetterOpenreach using SHOWA 306 all weather glove 3

"The SHOWA 306 actually makes me do my job better. They are extremely comfortable and I can easily use and grip all my hand tools which is really important – there would be little point if I had to keep removing them to pick up essential items like these!  When I think back and compare to life without them, it’s amazing what a difference they have made.”

  1. Like a Second Skin

“When you have twenty pairs of wires, being able to select the one you need, in the rain, is a pretty good measure of dexterity. By wearing the SHOWA 306 gloves, it's like they’re a second skin!”

  1. Driving with Ease

“Over the course of a typical week, I travel a lot. I am in and out of the van and it would be time consuming to keep changing gloves.  I wear my gloves when driving from site to site and can get a much steadier grip on the steering wheel. In one instance, I visited a customer which took me off-road and I needed my hands to be firmly on the wheel. When the road tried to take the wheel, the gloves helped me keep control.”

  1. They Go On and On and OnOpenreach using SHOWA 306 all weather glove 2

“I wear SHOWA 306 gloves all day, five days a week and they last through dirty, wet, and dangerous handling conditions.  An added bonus is that they are washable too, making them easy to keep fresh and allowing me to really get the most out of every pair. Altogether my trips to the stores for gloves have become fewer since wearing them.”

  1. Lawrence Can Still Use His Work Phone!

“It was a pleasant surprise to find that I was also able to use my particular work phone when wearing the gloves! Very useful!” *

For Lawrence, each day is distinct with different environments and situations.  From dealing with residential and commercial customers; working in varying weather conditions; and frequently driving off-road, the SHOWA 306 latex grip gloves have provided the perfect levels of protection, grip, water-repellency and comfort.

Showa 306. Two Gloves in 1 - Why Change Gloves With The Weather? YouTube video
SHOWA 306 Breathable, Fully Coated Glove

Lawrence concludes, “Personally, I think you've supplied Openreach with an amazing product, and to me it’s the perfect glove, everything I've wanted – a work of art in fact.”

Request a trial sample to get started or for more information watch our short video.



*Compatibility not guaranteed with all makes of smart-phone 


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