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The Hand Protection Blog

5 Reasons to Review Your Hand Protection

By Nick Green | 05.08.16

When you work in an industry where the importance of health and safety is high, providing personal protective equipment such as safety gloves, has to be carefully considered. 

Hand protection can often be underrated, underappreciated and undervalued. Completely wrong!  The hands are one of the most important and most used body parts and should be properly protected in all working environments.

Do you think your staff appreciate the importance of their hand protection? Do you think your staff know enough about the hand protection they wear?

These factors are important and if you have the chance to improve health and safety within your business, then why wouldn’t you?  Here we’re giving you 5 reasons why you should consider reviewing your hand protection requirements…

  1. Improve Safety Standards

Associated British Ports (ABP) and Globus Hand ProtectionIf you’re managing a workforce that deals with potential hazards each day, it’s your responsibility to provide suitable PPE.

Leading ports operator Associated British Ports (ABP) is extremely forward-thinking when it comes to health and safety, and has implemented a ‘Five Point PPE’ programme across their sites to ensure the workforce is well protected.  This includes a range of hand protection solutions from Globus.

ABP’s Quality and Compliance Director, Michelle Tilley explains why they chose Globus; “We are extremely serious about safety at ABP and so we wanted a supplier who could educate our workers on the importance of wearing gloves.”

  1. Simplify Choice

Often there can be too much choice which can be confusing and could cause workers to wear the wrong safety glove for the task.

Providing a core range where the gloves have been matched to your specific tasks and workers cuts the confusion.

  1. Educate Your Workforce

Two gloves may look the same to the wearer but the difference in the protection they offer can be very different.  This is why it is so important to educate and train your glove wearing employees about making the right choice.

The nature of the hazard and the task involved affects glove selection and it can be challenging to get it right when all situational factors are considered.  Chemical use, duration of contact, grip required, amount of cut resistance required, weight of the load being handled – these are just some of the things that need to be considered when choosing the correct hand protection.

When we conducted a Globus Hand Protection Programme (GHPP) for ABP, comprehensive glove trials to engage and involve the workforce in the process were vital to the success of the new range being warmly welcomed.

  1. Provide Support

5 Reasons to review your hand protection - Globus Gloves ABP Port QuoteThe end of a business relationship shouldn’t be when a sale is confirmed.  Relationships between businesses should continue, strengthen and grow; this being a principle that Globus is firmly committed to.

Globus will work closely alongside you when evaluating your hand protection requirements, implementing the agreed programme and then continue to be on-hand for on-going support requirements.

Michelle Tilley, ABP, said: “Globus has engaged with our workers, attending roadshows to introduce the gloves into the workforce, as well as being on standby to provide support.”

  1. Get Better Value

As proven with the implementation of a new, core range of gloves which fit the requirements of ABP’s diverse cargo handling business, ABP now have a selection of gloves that will last longer than the previous solution.

Therefore, demonstrating that a high quality, fit-for-purpose glove solution can be a cost-effective solution too.

Associated British Ports ABP Case study for Globus gloves logoHAND-PICKED RELATED CONTENT:

Associated British Ports (ABP) Case Study

Do you need relief from your hand protection headaches? Drop us an email with your details and we’ll show you how Globus can help.

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