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The Hand Protection Blog

Biodegradable Gloves for World Environment Day

World Environment DayEvery year, the United Nations Environment Program promotes its World Environment Day (WED) to raise global awareness and encourage people to take positive action in order to protect the environment for future generations. This year the theme is ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.’

Globus is supporting WED this year, as we believe it is the responsibility of not just individuals, but businesses to make changes in order to ensure that as a planet, we don’t consume more than we have to.

Our solutions and approach consistently provide businesses with robust environmental benefits which help them to hit their own targets. The majority of styles within our safety glove portfolio are designed and manufactured to be used over a period of several days where handling conditions allow. Other positive factors can come in the form of significant reductions in consumption and reductions in packaging waste and CO2 emissions that stem from the entire life cycle of the product from factory to the glove’s inevitable end of life.

Showa 4552 Disposable GloveIn addition, within the Globus portfolio there are some pioneering protective gloves that can give companies an immediate environmental boost.

We’re proud to have already launched the world’s first biodegradable nitrile disposable glove in the UK and Ireland, the SHOWA 6105PF GREEN-DEX and to celebrate World Environment Day, our new biodgegradable nitrile sponge grip glove, the SHOWA 4552 is being introduced. Importantly, these high performing and durable gloves can help preserve the environment without sacrificing the essential hand protection performance for workers across a range of industries.

Biodegradable Technology

The biodegradable magic within the SHOWA 4552 is thanks to a patented SHOWA formulation called Eco Best Technology (EBT). This is added to the both the liner and coating in the production process. When the glove does inevitably reach the end of its life, for those that are sent to landfill, the EBT then kicks in and makes the glove attractive to microbial activity. The EBT is consumed by bugs that excrete enzymes which in turn depolymerise the glove’s materials. This significantly accelerates the biodegradation of the nitrile and polyester liner in biologically-active landfills, breaking down typically within 2 years instead of over 100 years. And no, they won’t start to degrade whilst in use or when stored! The gloves actually need the specific conditions of an active landfill to activate the EBT.

Eco Best TechnologyGlobus’ hand protection programme and subsequent solutions are already helping to preserve our planet and enable companies to act more sustainably. We will continue to bring innovative solutions that will benefit both businesses and the world alike. Additional biodegradable products will be announced later this year.

To mark World Environment Day this year, we are supporting businesses in the UK and Ireland with trial samples of the new SHOWA 4552 glove. The glove is specifically suitable for the precise handling of greasy and oily components without a risk of cuts.

Trial it and let us know what you think.

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