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Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves from GlobusIn 1991 Best Manufacturing Company changed the landscape of hand protection with the invention of N-DEX® gloves. The world’s first disposable Nitrile glove was and still is the best alternative to Natural Rubber Latex. What started as a Lab glove and the best solution for latex allergies has grown into the most popular type of disposable glove for all industries.

Since then, SHOWA has added the world’s first accelerator-free nitrile disposable glove; N-DEX Free® and the world's first biodegradable nitrile disposable; GREEN-DEX.

Top benefits of nitrile disposable gloves:

  1. Up to 4 times more puncture resistant than standard latex gloves
  2. A stronger barrier of protection through greater chemical resistance
  3. A smooth interior coating makes them easier to put on and take off 
  4. Ideal for latex-sensitive individuals
  5. Nitrile gloves can be worn under or over other work gloves to add liquid-proof protection
  6. Good quality nitrile disposables use body temperature to mould to the shape of a hand, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit
  7. Versatile and can be used in a large spectrum of industries
  8. Nitrile formulation minimises cross-contamination, making it ideal for protecting the product and the wearer.

Knowing how to remove disposable gloves safely is important to help minimise contamination and prevent damage to the skin. Following a few simple steps can maximise safety and productivity.

Globus is proud to offer a broad range of nitrile disposable gloves. View the range.

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