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The Hand Protection Blog

Don't Make Your Workforce Change Gloves with the Weather

All Weather Hand ProtectionIf there’s one thing that’s guaranteed (certainly in the UK anyway!), the weather constantly changes and this can really hamper the lives of those that work outdoors.

We tend to take it for granted, but changes in weather conditions can have a massive impact on the daily tasks of those working outdoors. This makes the process of glove selection extremely important, if indeed a little complex, in order to protect from all the elements without hampering efficiency and safety.

During dry and hot temperatures, wearing gloves can cause hands to sweat. Whereas in cold and wet weather, without the right glove, hands become uncomfortable, cold, and prone to slips; simply unable to grip properly and allow the worker to do the job properly.

When considering the construction industry, traditional latex grip gloves are widely used by outdoor trades. They have a breathable cotton liner that covers the back of the hand and leaves it exposed to the elements. In wet conditions, users wear fully coated gloves to keep their hands clean, dry and warm.

Dry, Wet, Dry, Wet…

When faced with changeable conditions, workers may end up removing their gloves and returning to the stores to collect an additional pair or even a different style of gloves should a prolonged period of rain be on the cards. And just think about how much time could be lost across a whole project for things like this! 

Risks can also be increased by workers having to swap gloves to accommodate different conditions.  Even on a warm day if a worker is regularly plunging their hands in water they will generally need to swap to a different set of gloves. 

Check the Weather Where You Are

Keeping Hands Dry Regardless

When it comes to waterproof gloves, there are several styles on the market that will prevent the ingress of water, but often the fully coated nature of these products only prevents moisture from getting in and this can leave the wearer with the problem of sweaty hands. So when the optimum goal is to keep hands safe and comfortable in all weathers without affecting productivity, what is the best solution?

Waterproof and breathable fabrics are widely used in the manufacture of other types of protective clothing, for example jackets and trousers.  With hands being such a fundamental ‘tool’ in the control of equipment and materials, isn’t it critical that they are looked after the most and with the best materials?

Overcoming the Sweat Factor

Developing a glove which can accommodate different conditions and overcome the 'sweat' factor is challenge enough. Add in the fact that the gloves also need to enable workers to complete the task at hand (excuse the pun!) and protect them from the relevant risks and you have a task that has kept many an R&D department across the PPE industry awake at night. Essentially this creates the Utopian vision of a perfect grip glove.

Coupled with the growing trend that has seen workers want more stylish and attractive gloves (taking their lead from the sports industry) the challenge to find the glove for all seasons (and all tasks!) has been one many manufacturers have been keen to overcome.

So are we light years away from achieving this?

Globus Showa 306 water repellent droplets on gloveNot at all; following extensive research into the needs of construction workers across Europe, this problem has been solved by SHOWA with the SHOWA 306 dual latex grip glove. Labelled as a ‘game-changer’ for all outdoor workers, this amazing glove promotes stable hand temperatures in all weather conditions whilst delivering outstanding levels of grip and durability.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and glove breathability should be a key requirement - one that any Health and Safety Manager should consider when looking for a glove supplier. It should be a basic requirement…not a premium element. Why? Because in the long run, correctly selected gloves which match the risk, worker requirements and conditions will prove a very cost effective solution. They will last longer meaning fewer pairs are consumed and stocked, therefore, there is a reduction in the overall spend.

This also further impacts productivity as fewer glove changes mean more work gets done. Good news all round I’d say!

Do your waterproof gloves have the ‘sweat factor’?  Yes? Then it’s time to put the SHOWA 306 to the test. It could just be the greatest boost you can give to your team this year!

Visit to get started or for more information watch our short video: Two Gloves in 1 - Why Change Gloves With The Weather.




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  1. Lisa R. Weiner. May 19, 2017 at 09:27 AM

    This is a very good informative article of weather gloves and care.We get many information, tips, and tricks from this article.It will help to get cold weather work gloves .

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