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The Globus approach to protecting hands has delivered enhanced safety, productivity, acceptance and overall value to
organisations in a wide selection of industries as well as to individuals at home.
How? By providing expert advice as well as unique and technologically-advanced hand protection products that stand up to
the numerous challenges faced across the spectrum of professions.

-	 Ensuring regulation compliance and    - Minimising cuts from handling
	hygiene                                   sharp edges
                                             - Protection against liquids
-	 Protection against cuts, heat and
	chemicals                                   HOME AND GARDEN
                                                - Comfort and protection for DIY
                                                 projects and gardening
                                                    - Keeping hands dry and healthy for
                                                       all wet-working tasks

                                                                                                       EDUCATION AND RESEARCH                               5
                                                                                                                       - Single use barrier protection for
                                                                                                                           laboratory staff
                                                                                                                             - Protection for maintenance
                                                                                                                                and catering personnel

                                                                             - Premium range of sterile surgical and non-sterile
                                                                                examination gloves
                                                                                  - Protection for all front-line and support

                    - Grip and tactility at all stages of a project
                       - Dryness in wet conditions
                         - Durability and all-day comfort
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