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25th June 2015

Globus adds chemical resistant Showa 379 gauntlet to its portfolio


Showa 379 from GlobusThe chemical resistant Showa 379 gauntlet has been added to the Globus glove portfolio to provide workers who handle chemicals and oils with a flexible and robust hand protection solution. As well as offering excellent grip performance from the nitrile foam palm finish, the glove has an additional two full coatings of nitrile for certified protection from chemical contact, to EN374-3.

The UK industry spends about £30 million a year[i] buying chemical protective gloves. Due to the chemicals being handled any protective glove will, at some stage, fail to protect the wearer from exposure to any chemical agent[ii]. The three ways in which a glove may fail are:

  • Permeation - the process by which a chemical agent migrates through the protective glove at a molecular level;
  • Penetration – the bulk flow of a chemical agent through closures, porous materials, seams and pinholes or other imperfections in the protective glove;
  • Degradation – a damaging change in one or more physical properties of the protective glove as a result of exposure to a chemical agent.

The Showa 379’s chemical protection credentials are as a result of its unique glove design which includes two flat nitrile layers beneath an outer foam nitrile layer on the palm. It has also been designed with a seamless 13g inner polyester liner ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic fit. The glove is extremely durable and the nitrile coatings provide protection from certain chemicals, oils, hydrocarbons, benzines, grease and hexavalent chromium found in concrete.

It is essential that workers have good glove grip and ability to control movement in the working environment to help prevent accidents or serious injury. The external layer of foamed nitrile protects the palm and fingertips and allows excellent grip performance. This allows workers to lift, carry and assemble greasy objects with confidence. Without good grip, hand fatigue can be induced as well as musculo-skeletal injury and dermatological problems.

The patented Showa nitrile foam grip formulation of the Showa 379 features across several other high performance nitrile gloves, including the Showa 376, 377 and 477.

The Showa 379 glove from Globus, a world leader in hand protection solutions, is appropriate for the agriculture, chemical, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas and utility industries. It is particularly suitable for those working with oils, or when handling chemicals or oily components, oil submersion and when carrying out maintenance.

Steve Shale, Marketing Manager of Globus commented, “Choosing the right protection for employees in industry is absolutely vital. The right choices ensure that staff are safeguarded. By reducing injuries the company is also protected against loss of working days and claims for injuries sustained. The Showa 379 not only protects hands, it helps to avoid mishandling oily components and can provide an effective barrier to chemical permeation for an entire shift. The protection offered by the triple nitrile platform can reduce the number of accidents across many UK industrial sectors – it surely must be a ‘win, win’ situation for staff and employers alike.”

To help choose the right glove for the task ‘in hand’, it’s always best to seek expert advice from a glove manufacturer, such as Globus, to facilitate the most appropriate selection for any task. The company’s Hand Protection Programme is available to qualifying companies to help ensure that a comprehensive hand protection policy is put in place.

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