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The Hand Protection Blog

Wave Goodbye To Sweaty Hands

By Nick Green | 01.12.15

Showa 381 Application tyre grip workWhen we meet with Health and Safety professionals and industry workers to analyse requirements as part of our hand protection surveys, there’s frequently a need to wear a light and comfortable glove that’s also extremely hard-wearing – specifically for intricate handling within assembly applications.

This is where the SHOWA 381 embossed microporous nitrile glove excels. It’s extremely lightweight and ideal if you or your team switch tasks regularly between general handling to intricate assembly whilst needing excellent dexterity and fingertip sensitivity in dry or light oily conditions.

Finer Than a Strand of Silk

The SHOWA 381 has been designed with a specially-engineered liner that enhances breathability and increases the evacuation of any moisture from the hand (in fact up to 20% better breathability compared with standard nitrile foam palm coated gloves of its type).

This amazing feature is thanks to SHOWA’s revolutionary Microfibre yarn liner and the moisture vapour permeation properties of the SHOWA nitrile.

Finer than a strand of silk, the properties of the revolutionary Microfibre are such that it wicks any moisture away from the surface of the hand (even when gravity is working against it) and the aerated nature of the SHOWA nitrile foam formulation allows the warm air to be evacuated from the inside. This is unlike several competing gloves in this category and will leave you with drier and more comfortable hands.

Lightweight AND Durable

Showa 381 form Globus - Heat and SweatThe 381 represents the lightest microporous nitrile coated glove in the SHOWA range. But if you think lightweight means fragile, think again!

The quality of the SHOWA nitrile used on the palm combined with the patented ergonomic shape and construction is such that the glove has an abrasion resistance EN388 score of 4 (8000 cycles on average) to give you a dependable, multi-purpose glove with a durable life.

But what do we know about Microfibre? Here are 12 interesting facts.

  1. Microfibre is a man-made synthetic fibre that can be 0.52 denier (Denier is a unit of weight which describes the fineness of fibre)
  2. A microfibre can be 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a single strand of silk
  3. It has a natural wicking ability that allows it to filter away any humidity
  4. Microfibres are super-absorbent and can easily absorb over 6 times their weight in water
  5. It’s so fine that it can absorb bacteria and germs
  6. Allows a very soft, luxurious silken or suede touch
  7. Completely shrink resistant
  8. Extremely strong despite its super fine filaments
  9. Contains hypoallergenic properties and so helps prevent problems for those suffering from allergies
  10. Microfibre is non-electrostatic
  11. World-class athletes often rely on a microfibre fabric to improve their comfort and performance
  12. The multi-purpose SHOWA 381 glove features an engineered Microfibre fabric liner – helping to keep hands dry whilst performing intricate assembly tasks

View the Infographic

We can’t stop your hands from sweating when wearing work gloves but we can keep your hands cooler, comfortable and efficient for the entire length of your shift.

Experience the comfort of the SHOWA 381 for yourself, request your trial today and find out more!

CATEGORY: Breathability, Health and Safety, SHOWA

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